Building Guarantee


Hellenic Homes understands your aspirations, whatever the budget, for realising your dream of owning a home in Crete. We appreciate buying a home abroad is a huge investment of trust. That's why we stand by this 5 Star Guarantee which no other building company in Crete can match.
1- Hellenic Homes is the only company in Crete not afraid to guarantee a completion date in the contract - with a penalty clause in, should the date not be met.
2- We guarantee your house for 2 years against defective workmanship and the main, concrete structure of the house in perpetuity.
3- The conveyance of your house purchase is as secure as in the UK, with the option of 10% deposit on exchange of the Purchase Agreement and balance paid on completion of the contract.
4- All services, property licenses, tax, IKA, and legal costs amount to 8-12% of the total purchase price. Hellenic Homes guarantees to underwrite any balance above 10%. There are no extra costs.
5- Want to move to one of our larger homes in the future? We offer a 5 YEAR BUY BACK GUARANTEE, buying back your house, at the prevailing market value, less a fee, which frees your capital.


In conjunction with Piraeus Bank, Hellenic Homes have arranged a Fast Track Mortgage Application, available on all its new properties. Prior to your arrival, subject to status, Piraeus Bank will forward you an unconditional mortgage offer. Low cost repayment mortgages are available, up to 70% of property value, secured against your home in Crete and NOT on your assets held in the UK. For an Application Form e-mail us - CLICK HERE