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Crete is renowned for its friendliness and in every village kafenion there is somebody who knows of a piece of land or house for sale at a knock down price. This is the operative word! Old properties do not conform to building regulations and consequently cosmetic building work will only disguise for a short while any structural defects. That lovely olive grove that would be just perfect for building a house on? The land may be outside the village, with insurmountable planning problems. It may be owned by several family members - who ALL have to agree to the sale. And what's more, you may well buy the land, only to find you don't own the olive trees upon it!

Whether it be a brand new house on one of our own sites, a plot of land for that dream home, or the restoration of a traditional village house, Hellenic Homes take great pride in the help and support we provide throughout the whole buying process.

You have a dream of owning a home here, but how do you go about it? What are the pitfalls? Check the web sites and you are greeted by a plethora of companies who promise the earth, but never really divulge the information you are looking for.

Are you aware of all the bureaucratic hoops which have to be jumped through in buying a house? Will you have to discover these for yourself? Things such as payment of IKA - obtaining a tax number - proof of affordability etc. Hellenic Homes takes away all that worry, and undertakes all this, on your behalf - at no extra cost!

Property prices are all too often geared to reflect an attractively low price. Beware. They may not include essential costs which will be charged as an extra. Is your house built to a quality which will provide comfortable all year round living - or will it suffer from the weather? Hellenic Homes prides itself on building to the highest standards and has a transparent pricing policy - always quoting an all-inclusive cost to ensure you have no budgetary shocks at a later stage. Furthermore our build specification and a completion date is actually written into the contract, which is legally binding, for complete confidence.



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Buying a home abroad is a big decision. You can find the perfect spot. The house may seem the home of your dreams, but - beware. Information may have been given to you in all good faith, but it's important you look behind the sales claims being made to ensure your house is built to the standard and quality you expected. Ask questions. Get specifications a salesman is making, put in writing. This will give you the confidence in making the right decision.




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