Renovations / Restorations

Imagination can run riot when you discover that perfect derelict, with its stone arches and window sills - and at such a low price too! Unless you know what you're doing the dream can quickly turn into a nightmare.

What about securing a planning licence, and having to pay IKA? Do you know all the bureaucratic ropes? You accept verbal quotes, or costs written down on scrappy pieces of paper, but invariably they bear little resemblance to what you end up paying. It is all too easy for a cosmetic rendering to cover up the cracks, but a quick easy fix will come back to haunt you. When will it be finished? Promises, promises, but for local tradesman, olive picking and tending sheep are greater priorities than working to a schedule.

Never fear. Hellenic Homes will provide you with a firm quotation and building schedule which will allow you to budget and plan, without worry.

We are experts in restoring traditional village houses to meet all building regulation criteria. Our architects will survey a property to evaluate what features can be safely included and design a secure home for renovation within your budget. Armed with the information you send us, Hellenic Homes will source properties which most closely match your details, and send you by e-mail, or post, pictures, information and indicative costs for purchase and restoration.

Once the property and purchase price is agreed, we will help you through all the legalities of buying the building and applying for a planning license. Once you have clear title of ownership we can commence restoration. Based upon the architect's design, Hellenic Homes will submit a detailed costing and work schedule, so that you have total control over budget and timing - with all the stressful, bureaucratic necessities taken care of by us.

After buying the property, based on our accepted quotation and specification, you simply pay 40% on commencement of work, another 30% mid-way through and the 30% balance on completion when you are handed the key.