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The Legal Process of Buying

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The Costs of Buying


Choosing a property
Hellenic Homes has invested heavily in securing a land bank of prime building plots, where each site is of special interest.

We do not build overcrowded estates, but take pride in constructing traditional style houses on small, exclusive developments, where space is used to create privacy between each property.
We offer three options.
New houses on Hellenic Homes' exclusive development sites.

The purchase of village property and professional renovations to meet building standards within a fixed cost.
Plots of land with planning consent for a purpose-built dream home.

The Costs of Buying
On our development sites of new homes, a 10% deposit is required on signing the contract. This money is held by your lawyer. The remaining balance is then required on completion. However, should you wish to take advantage of a handsome discount off the purchase price, then three stage payments are written into the contract, which are triggered only AFTER a specific stage is completed. This stage completion date is also written into the purchase contract for your security.

When buying an old property, or plot of land, the full price is paid on completion of the contract, which gives you clear title of ownership, with a planning license to build or extend.
Only once you are the owner, do we commence building works. We will have already submitted a detailed quotation with architect's plans, for restoring and extending an existing house - or for building a purpose-built home on your plot of land. In both instances, two stage payments of 40%, are required during construction, with the final 20% paid on completion of the work.

The Legal Process of Buying
The legal process here is completely different from the UK. Firstly, contracts are not drawn up by a lawyer. This is done by a Notary, who will require details such as your parents' names, your passport number and your Greek tax number, which are all entered on the contract.

Your lawyer will attend the Notary's office when the contract is ready for signature. He will verify everything is correct and that there is clear title to ownership of the land, or property, you are buying.

Tax is payable on purchasing land or property in Greece. This is based on value, but not the price you are buying at. The rate is always calculated at a much lower figure!

You should budget, approximately, for an additional 10% of the value of the property, or land you are buying. This will more than cover tax, and the services provided by the Notary and your lawyer.