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Is buying a house in Crete a good investment?
Property - at the moment - is extremely affordable in Crete, when compared to Spain and Southern France. However, since Greece joined the European Community, property prices have risen, year on year. The latest economic data points to the cost of living in Greece reaching parity with the UK by 2026. When you consider an average two bedroom detached house in the UK costs more than twice, one in Crete, you can see buying a house now, is certainly a good move.

Buying a house from Hellenic Homes is an excellent investment, as you are buying a quality home - guaranteed - at prices lower than you would expect, because we sell to you direct, without incurring the considerable additional cost of an estate agent.

What's more, with every Hellenic Homes' house there is a 5 Year Buy Back Option. Decide to buy one of our larger homes within this period and we will buy back your original house at the prevailing market price, less 10%. This enables you to free capital and move, without having to wait for a purchaser.


Cretan lifestyle
Crete enjoys 320 or more days of sunshine and an average temperature over 20C. Unlike Spain you will have no security worries as the island has one of Europe's lowest crime rates. With little industry here, the air is clean and the renowned Cretan diet may well contribute to a long and healthy life! This is an island paradise where a couple can live well on around 8,000 a year, and that includes running a small car - and even a comprehensive private health insurance too!

Call into our Chania office and over coffee we can discuss the houses and sites which are of interest.

It will be our pleasure to arrange an itinerary to personally take you round to view those properties that have taken your eye.

Buying a home in a foreign country is a big decision - and a big investment. We appreciate you don't want to be rushed and it is Hellenic Homes' policy never to put clients under pressure. Please feel free to take your time.